Unique in his ability to see sound, recording engineer Christian Amonson has initiated a radical shift in the way that music is recorded and mixed, delivering a new level of realism/idealism and musicality.

In addition to his work recording film scores, Christian travels frequently and has produced recordings for groups like the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, Virginia Symphony Orchestra, Kansas City Symphony, National Music Festival, National Orchestral Institute, and others.  His work has been featured by NPR, Time Magazine, the Kennedy Center, et al.  International clients include the Venice Baroque Orchestra (Italy), Stradivari Quartett (Germany), Jesus College Cambridge (UK), Filharmonia Opolska (Poland), and others.

Christian won his first full-season recording contract at age 20, selected after Virginia's only fully-professional vocal ensemble auditioned the most experienced classical engineers in the mid-Atlantic. At 27, Christian participated in a nation-wide audition and was selected to serve as Recording Engineer for "The President's Own" United States Marine Band.  Christian owns Arts Laureate, a production house specializing in audio, video, and photos for classical artists and ensembles.

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Surround Sound Recording (incl. Ambisonics and Dolby Atmos)
Stereo Mastering for Surround Sound Mixes
Surround Sound and Broadcast Mixing
Live Sound Mixing for Classical Music
Project Management (incl. video direction and production)

Christian can provide in-studio engineering, and he also maintains several systems for remote recordings throughout the United States.  Christian is hired frequently by studios and engineers for pre-mastering to identify and remedy mix problems before projects are printed for distribution.